How It Works

We bring the restaurant experience right to your door.  It’s our pleasure to make it simple!

Enjoy socializing from the comfort of home

Connecting has never been more important and Dining Inside Out is proud to provide an outlet in times of isolation. Invite your friends, or dine solo and get to know new ones!

Our events are fun for everyone, no matter how introverted (or not!) you may be. Engage at your comfort level – we know you’ll be back for more.

How Dining Inside Out Works


Consider what type of experience you’d like

Are you looking for something private? Contact us for custom events. Our design experts will help shape a dinner or tasting to suit your group. Otherwise it’s on to step two for you!


Browse our event lists

From A Journey to Hogwarts and Oregon Trail Adventure to Travel Through the Senses: Spain and Plant-Based Dining Inside Out, we’ve always got something engaging in the works!


Secure your event ticket

Purchase your ticket right on our site! Browse the add-ons list to complete your experience. The cheese boxes never miss and we support small local businesses to bring all of the add-on features.


Food shipped to your door

Choose local pickup, local delivery, or ship your box anywhere in the lower 48 states. We’ll guide you through the steps leading up to the event via daily e-mails. Once you have your food, keep it chilled until the dinner begins – we’ll cook together!


Tune in, cook along, and enjoy the show!

Our chef experts will guide you through each course, all focused on simple yet impressive platings with no previous skill required. In between courses we’ll play games, hear from local artisans and makers, and chat with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with the food?

It is shipped to you completely cooked and cooled, ready for you to reheat and finish with the chefs.  

If picking up locally, you’ll receive instructions to pick up the day of the event.  If shipping, you’ll receive a tracking number two-three days prior to the event.

Do I need to turn my camera on?

No!  While there are moments where the hosts will ask for guests to speak or turn on their cameras for games and contests, it is not a requirement at all.  Guests can simply watch or use the chat feature to interact.  

Dine Inside Out at your comfort level!